Contracts and Business Disputes

If you are engaged in a commercial enterprise anywhere on the Gulf Coast, a skilled Mobile and Baldwin County lawyers can help you resolve your business conflicts. Our attorneys work successfully with commercial clients in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. We assist businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to large corporations. Our firm has the technology to handle your legal matter regardless of your location — and we travel to your local court whenever necessary. Learn more about how our lawyers help you handle contracts and business disputes.

Lawyers in Mobile and Baldwin County for commercial litigation

Jackson & Foster, LLC is experienced in all areas of business litigation. You can carry on your daily operations with confidence when you allow our skilled lawyers to represent you in court. We establish your objectives and pursue them zealously, working to correct your situation and win you an appropriate damage award.

Breach of contract lawsuits

Contracts are the backbone of your business. You cannot afford to tolerate breaches of your written agreements. Our Mobile and Daphne lawyers take swift action against business partners who do not uphold their contracts with you. We file lawsuits based on:

We also defend breach of contract lawsuits filed against you.

Enforcement of non-compete agreements

Non-compete agreements, also known as restrictive covenants, are among the most important tools a business can use to maintain fair competition. If your employees are allowed to jump ship and begin working for your direct competitor, you are at a disadvantage in the marketplace. Each Gulf Coast state has its own laws regarding non-compete agreements. Our lawyers understand how to approach non-compete cases in any state, and we litigate cases of unfair competition to help you win damages for the impact on your business.

Protection of trade secrets

Your trade secrets may be exposed to a competitor when a departing employee fails to adhere to a non-compete agreement. If you do not discover your employee’s actions promptly, your business rival may have already begun to make use of your proprietary information and technology. You need our lawyers to help you contain the exploitation of your trade secrets and put a stop to the unfair competition. We file suit under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act to end the unfair use of your valuable property and win you damages for the loss your business has suffered.

Let our skilled attorneys litigate your business disputes

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