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On most personal injury cases

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It's your case, your money. Our personal injury lawyers in Mobile, AL will help you keep more of it.

Fighting for you to receive the highest payout at the lowest cost possible

Are you looking for a team of lawyers who can help you get the best payout possible for your claim?

The team at Jackson & Foster works hard to secure our clients the money they deserve for their claims. We run an efficient and reliable law firm in Mobile, and because of this, our fees are a lot less than other local Mobile, AL area personal injury lawyers and claim lawyers.

We’re here to give you the best deal possible when it comes to contingency fees. We only charge 28% on most personal injury cases – and this includes settlement or trial – which is a lot lower than most other firms.*

If you need a insurance or personal injury lawyer in the Mobile, AL area to help you win your insurance claim our team is here for you, every step of the way.

What do lower fees mean to you?

With Jackson & Foster, it could mean $120,000 more in your pocket.

With a $1mm personal injury settlement through Jackson & Foster you would keep:


After Jackson & Foster's fee of 28%*



You keep less with other firms whose fees can be as high as 40%


With nearly 40 years of experience behind us as practicing trial lawyers we always provide you with the best service.


You’ll never feel out of the loop when you work with our team and we’ll always put as much time into your case as it deserves.


Get the best deal on fees to put more money in your pocket and achieve the most from your claim by working with our efficient team.

Fight back against insurance companies and large corporations!

Jackson & Foster are here to represent anybody who’s battling against insurance giants and major corporations.

Whether you’ve been hurt in a car wreck or are being wrongly treated by an insurance company, we’re here to help you fight back when you think you can’t.

Let us provide you with a battle-tested team for your claims case and get you the best payout possible.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your case today.

Our Areas of Practice

We Put Our Passion for the Pursuit of Justice to Work for You

Going after big corporations and insurance companies when they don’t do what’s right is what we do best. Our class action and accident lawyers in Mobile, AL are here to look out for anybody who’s been wrongly harmed by the big players. Whether it’s dealing with a tough insurance agency after a bad car wreck or tackling workplace accident trials, our team will support and guide you to get you the best settlement possible.

Car Wrecks

When you’ve been hurt or your car has been seriously damaged, the insurance companies are never your friend. Our Mobile, AL auto accident lawyers are legal experts who will fight for you to help you get the best payout possible.


Companies don’t always take full responsibility for workplace accidents or accidents in their building. Our team will help you fight back and get you the payout you deserve.


Insurance companies won’t always give you the payout you need to recover fully or move on with your life. Let our Mobile, AL personal injury lawyer team help you get everything you need to get back on your feet.

Helping you put your life back together with decades of knowledge and an incredibly efficient process.

$50 million recovered over the last five years alone 

Get a lawyer in your corner who knows how to fight.