Dedicated and Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer: Mobile, Alabama

We'll fight for your compensation.

Dedicated and Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile, Alabama

We’ll fight for your compensation.

Helping You Recover and Holding Responsible Parties Liable

Accidental injuries are traumatic experiences, often with more effects than just physical symptoms. Victims typically suffer extensive medical expenses and emotional damage following an injury. In some cases, the damage prevents them from returning to work and rebuilding the necessary costs.

At Jackson & Foster Law, we understand how detrimental these accidents can be, and our personal injury team will work hard to recover your finances in court. We have decades of experience fighting for Mobile, Alabama, accident victims, so we know how to build an effective case that lays out the facts and represents your physical, mental, and financial needs.

Common Accidents Our Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

At Jackson & Foster Law, we believe in delivering quality legal assistance for every personal injury incident a person can face. That’s why our personal injury lawyers are trained and ready to fight for you, no matter how you sustained your accidental injury.

Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle accidents are the lead causes of personal injury claims, and unfortunately, they often lead to catastrophic injuries. A simple car crash can lead to thousands of dollars lost in medical bills, property damage, and lost wages, while a more severe car accident can lead to permanent injuries or wrongful death.

Our Mobile, AL, personal injury lawyers handle every step of various vehicle accidents, including:

When handling a car accident case, our team can also speak with your and the other party’s insurance company to work toward a settlement which can spare you a lengthy court case. We also have the experience to take your case to court to make the other side pay.

Medical Malpractice

These personal injury cases happen when an injury victim tries to recover compensation for harm suffered because of a healthcare provider or clinic. Many medical malpractice claims happen after a doctor misdiagnoses a patient or offers treatment outside standard care plans.

Medical negligence can lead to catastrophic injury or even wrongful death, but our injury lawyers in Mobile, AL, will help you seek compensation for your avoidable medical injuries. With our help, you can focus entirely on recovery while our personal injury attorneys handle the legal services.

Workplace Accidents

Your employer has a responsibility to keep their worksite and its equipment safe. Therefore, if you’ve suffered an injury or sickness on the job due to hazardous work conditions like slippery floors, unclean air, or broken tools or machines, you can make a workers’ compensation claim against your company.

These claims help cover medical expenses and any wages lost while your injuries keep you from working. Our Mobile personal injury lawyers always fight for maximum compensation on both fronts.

Premises Liability Cases

Every property owner owes it to their visitors and customers to keep their land safe. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents stemming from slick floors in supermarkets, loose rugs in furniture stores, and possibly walkways on private property are common, but victims can potentially recover damages for that negligence through premises liability lawsuits.

Our Mobile personal injury attorneys handle all types of premises liability lawsuits. No matter the severity of your injuries, our law firm will fight for appropriate damages that help you live comfortably during unnecessary medical and financial turmoil.

A Thorough Process with All of Our Personal Injury Cases

At Jackson & Foster Law, we build our injury cases on three tenents that show courts how your accident happened and how it has impacted your life. We’ll learn as many details from you as possible during our consultation and preparation process and use that information to build a lawsuit on the following steps:

Identifying Legal Violations in Negligent Parties

Responsibility and violation are two pillars of a personal injury case. People have a responsibility to keep the safety of others in mind and to act reasonably. If they violate that responsibility and injure another party, the victim has a right to seek a Mobile personal injury lawyer.

For example, if somebody causes a car accident by looking at their phone while driving, they are breaking their legal obligation since texting and driving is dangerous. Our law firm looks for those violations and uses them as the basis for injury cases.

Linking Negligence to Your Personal Injuries

After your local personal injury lawyer from Jackson & Foster Law identifies personal responsibility and negligence, our goal is to prove those factors directly led to your injury. Our law firm will work tirelessly to analyze your case’s unique details and build a sound argument in your favor based on the facts.

Working Toward Fair Damages for Injury Victims

“Damages” describes the injuries a person experiences leading to their personal injury lawsuit. In Alabama, injury victim’s damages can include medical expenses, emotional distress, mental anguish, pain and suffering, lost wages from missing work, and lifelong, permanent injuries if the Mobile personal injury attorney can prove that the accident caused those issues.

Before anything else, a Mobile, AL, personal injury lawyer from Jackson & Foster law will consult you and learn how your injuries have affected your life. Then, we’ll know which damages to fight for in court and build our argument around the areas that matter to you.

Settlements That Work for You

At Jackson & Foster Law, we always fight for maximum damages. However, that approach often leads to a lengthy court battle, and if you would rather settle before an official verdict to move on quicker, our team will fight for that too.

Our team will go toe-to-toe with insurance companies to work toward a quick agreement that addresses your immediate medical and emotional distress needs.

Find Qualified Mobile Personal Injury Lawyers at Jackson & Foster Law

We know that navigating a demanding legal process is the last thing you want after suffering severe injuries. Fortunately, our Alabama law firm handles the challenging parts of your injury lawsuit so that you don’t have to add the stress of building a legal case to your list of things to manage.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney at (251) 433-6699 and schedule a free case evaluation today.

Litigation is never easy. It is a highly complicated and time-consuming process that requires proper management through law firms that can be trusted.

My recent experience with Sidney Jackson, of Jackson & Foster, was better than any that I had ever encountered. My insurance case was very complicated; in fact, it was like no other that had ever been tried in the US. This firm found the experts needed to document my case where it could be easily understood and, eventually, won.

I am, arguably, a very difficult client with which to be associated. I don’t like to lose. As such, I would highly recommend this firm to anyone if they want to win. It’s who I will call should I ever have another need to litigate.

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