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Jackson & Foster is a law firm in Mobile, AL that strives to always get the best results possible for our clients. We’ve worked on hundreds of cases in the past and have the experience necessary to help you win yours. Take a look at all the cases we’ve won over the years to get an idea of how our team of personal injury lawyers and claim lawyers can help you win your case. Our law firm in Mobile, AL has a battle-tested team of lawyers and will help you build a case and get the compensation you’re due.

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$21.5 Million Class Action

Roundup false labeling

$15 Million Class Action

Post Cereal False Labeling

$14 Million Class Action

Kellogg Cereal False Labeling

$750,000 Car Accident

Low impact rear end collision causing complex back injury

$3.25 Million Car Accident

Rear end collision during stopped traffic on interstate causing 

$650,000 Personal Injury

Fall at a restaurant / hotel

$500,000 Personal Injury

Broken leg due to contractor and owner negligence 

$350,000 Personal Injury

Serious ankle injury from wrongful repossession of truck

$760,000 Car Accident

Serious internal injuries from car wreck

$750,000 Worker's Compensation

On-the-job injury of a roofer

$170,000 Civil Suit

Business dispute concerning severance package


Dispute of apportionment of BP funds

$67,500 Personal Injury

Verdict from slightly torn rotator cuff eight years prior to trial 

$175,000 Personal Injury

Verdict from and fall on blue detergent at Walmart

Confidential Settlement Car Accident

Two deceased in interstate car wreck 

$900,000 Insurance Litigation

limits Recovery of life insurance benefits

$400,000 Personal Injury

Serious toe injury following pedicure

$150,000 Product Defects

Defective medical device

$110,000 Product Defects

Defective medical device


Medical negligence for not timely administering medication

$500,000 Worker's Compensation

On-the-job sexual assault

$140,000 Car Accident

Rear end collision caused by drunk driver 

$250,000 Civil Suit

Mishandling of cremated ashes and outrage

$140,000 Personal Injury

Slip and fall at hotel

$150,000 Car Accident

Interstate motor vehicle 

Confidential Settlement

Car hit by vehicle fleeing police

$300,000 Car Accident

limits Rear end collision with neck surgery 

$680,000 Jones Act

Jones Act injury to seamen 

$15 million Insurance Litigation

Insurance fraud verdict

$2.8 Million Insurance Litigation

Insurance bad faith

$1 Million Insurance Litigation

Insurance fraud verdict

$498,000 Litigation

Malicious prosecution

$1.2 Million Vehicle Accident

UTV rollover

$250,000 Vehicle Accident

Ear injury following intersection collision

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