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Jackson & Foster is a personal injury and claims law firm in Alabama that was founded by Sid Jackson. Sid is the backbone of the company and the driving force that encourages all our lawyers and associates to do their best when representing clients.

If you’ve been injured at work or in a car accident our team has the experience to help you get everything you need to breeze through your claim. Our talented legal team will be there for you always and fight in your corner so you get the best payout possible. From accident reconstruction experts and doctors to experienced claim lawyers and personal injury lawyers our reach will help you get everything you need to feel secure after an accident.

We help people in need.

Whether you were hurt by the negligence of others or are suffering at the hands of a giant insurance company we’ll be there as your battle-tested team of experienced lawyers. When our clients come to us they’re in search of real representation. We’re the experienced legal team they need to stand up to big shot insurance companies and large corporations.

Let's figure out the best solution for your case and pursue your claim until you get what you’re owed.

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Real representation with experience and tenacity to stand up to the people and companies who won't do the right thing.

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