Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections Mobile AL

The road is risky, but some parts are significantly more dangerous than others. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, over 13,600 motor vehicle accidents occurred in Mobile County in 2020, 8,200 of those at intersections. Mobile traffic fatalities, 15% involving alcohol or drugs, ended 60 lives that year. 

As many residents know, some roadways in the area see a disproportionate number of crashes. So, what are the most dangerous roads and intersections in Mobile, AL?

Some of the Deadliest Roadways in the Area of Mobile, AL

Several roadways in and near Mobile, AL, rack up especially high numbers of vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Let’s list a few of them.  

Interstate 65

I-65 is an extremely high-risk interstate that passes through Mobile. This road, which connects Mobile to Montgomery, Huntsville, and Birmingham, sees a high traffic volume and is prone to congestion. 

Accidents can happen on I-65 simply because motorists don’t have enough room to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Additionally, stretches of I-65 slope downward, which can create high-risk driving conditions, especially in bad weather. 

Airport Boulevard/Azalea Road 

Airport Boulevard and Azalea Road intersect in a high-traffic area of Mobile with many vehicles going in both directions, especially during peak traffic times. A high volume of traffic and the merging of several streets into the roadway create a challenge for local drivers. 

Airport Boulevard/University Boulevard 

The intersection between Airport Boulevard and University Boulevard is one of the busiest in Mobile. Located in a congested central area, this meeting of two major urban roadways requires careful driving to avoid an accident. A high number of trucks and other commercial vehicles exacerbates the risk of a serious crash. 

Cottage Hill Road/Hillcrest Road 

Cottage Hill Road and Hillcrest Road meet in a busy commercial area in Mobile that includes several stores, banks, and parking lots. Traffic pours into the intersection from four directions, which could create a chain accident if a motorist fails to give the right of way. 

What Makes Some Roads and Intersections So Dangerous?

Car accidents of any type, including motorcycle accidentstruck accidents, and bus accidents, can happen anywhere. However, several factors usually make some roadways more dangerous than others. These may include:

·      Limited visibility. Sudden curves, sharp turns, hills, trees, and other obstacles create poor visibility conditions. Bad visibility is especially problematic on roads with narrow lanes that must accommodate large vehicles traveling at high speeds.

·      Congestion. A higher number of vehicles always leads to more accidents. There’s always a risk of running into a careless, aggressive, or drunk driver at a busy intersection. 

·      Unclear signage. Poorly designed signage can confuse drivers. When you need to make a quick decision on an unfamiliar road section, unclear signage may easily lead to an accident. 

·      Road hazards. Potholes, cracks, warped road sections, and other neglected hazards can make a road dangerous, especially if it’s designed for high speeds. Drivers running into an obstacle on the road may lose control, swerve sharply, and cause an accident that involves several vehicles. 

·      Weather. Mobile weather conditions can be patchy. Fog, rain, strong wind, and hail can make any road dangerous. 

Proving Fault After a Road Accident

Whether you were in an accident on one of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Mobile, AL, or any local roadway, you could face devastating consequences. You may have sustained serious injuries like a traumatic brain injury with all the ensuing medical expenses. Maybe you are unable to continue working or need daily in-home help. 

In Alabama, you must prove fault to win compensation for your injuries and other accident-related losses. Furthermore, Alabama is a contributory negligence state, which means you won’t be able to collect a settlement even if you share only a small part of the responsibility for the accident. You can be sure the potentially liable party will do everything to prove you contributed to the accident to avoid paying damages. 

For example, if you were involved in a pedestrian accident, the at-fault motorist and their lawyer may try to prove you crossed the road in a non-designated area or did something else to put yourself at risk. That’s why working with an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney who will help you build a strong case and fight for your rights is so important. 

Tips for Avoiding Accidents on Risky Roads

You should always drive carefully, especially when navigating high-risk roadways and intersections. The following tips will help you stay safe behind the wheel.

  • Pay attention. InMobile, distracted driving is a serious concern. Focus on the road and avoid using your phone, eating, and other diversions. 
  • Adjust your speed. Like everywhere else, speeding endangers all road users inMobile. Drive more cautiously when approaching intersections, turns, or highly populated areas.
  • Observe road conditions. Mobile road conditions aren’t always optimal, especially in rainy or foggy weather. Drive extra carefully if you notice poor visibility or road hazards. 
  • Keep your distance. Drunk drivers and aggressive road behavior can put your life at risk when navigating Mobile’s roadways. Stay away from drivers who swerve, speed, or ignore traffic rules. 

Even if you take every precaution, accidents can still happen. If you sustained injuries in a car crash on one of the most dangerous roads and intersections in Mobile, AL, or anywhere else in the county, call Jackson & Foster Law at 251-433-6699 to consult an Alabama motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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