Insurance Fraud

Lawyers in Mobile pursuing damages from your insurance company

You depend on your insurance providers to protect you in times of need. When your claim for benefits is denied, the insurance company is obliged to give a valid reason for the denial. At Jackson & Foster, LLC, our attorneys know how to identify insurance fraud. When you are the victim of unethical insurance practices, we help you get the benefits you deserve and we file a lawsuit seeking punitive damages against your insurance company.

Was your insurance claim wrongfully denied?

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and your valid claims must be paid accordingly. If the circumstances of your loss meet the criteria described in your policy, you have the right to receive the benefits that you were promised. Our attorneys help you when your claim is wrongfully denied, for reasons such as:

We have extensive experience helping people win damages for wrongful insurance claim denials.

Did you purchase a deceptive insurance policy?

Some insurance policies are deliberately constructed to mislead you into believing that you have coverage that is not actually being offered. For example:

If your insurance policy has exclusions that were not made clear to you, our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit alleging deceptive insurance practices.

Let our knowledgeable attorneys confront your insurer

Jackson & Foster, LLC helps insurance policyholders who have been cheated out of their benefits by unscrupulous insurers. If you believe you are a victim of insurance fraud, contact us online or call 251-433-6699 to schedule a free consultation.