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After You Suffer Injuries in a Boating Accident, We Will Fight for Your Rights

Although most people enjoy a day of boating on the water safely in Alabama, accidents do occur. These accidents may result in serious injuries and fatalities, as boats don’t have the safety features built into them that motor vehicles do.

If someone else caused a boating accident in which you suffered injuries, reach out to a boating accident lawyer in Mobile, AL. At Jackson & Foster Law, we have nearly five decades of collective experience helping injured people just like you seek fair compensation.

How Jackson & Foster Law Can Help With Your Case

As trusted personal injury lawyers in Mobile, we at Jackson & Foster Law understand the importance of pursuing a financial award in your case. Such an award can be a lifesaver for you and your family when you’re out of work and wondering how you’ll ever cover those mounting medical bills.

The stress of daily life after suffering injuries in an accident that was not your fault can be extremely difficult. You must attend multiple doctor appointments while managing ongoing pain.

Dealing with the insurance company representing the negligent boat operator adds to your stress. When you hire us, we correspond with the insurance company for you and handle all day-to-day aspects of the case so you can focus on recovery with loved ones.

In the unfortunate circumstance that one of your family members loses their life in a boating accident, we can help you file a wrongful death claim. 

We Work To Prove Negligence After a Boating Accident

To rightfully seek a financial award after injuries in a boating accident that was not your fault, we must show who has the liability for your injuries. A boating accident lawyer in Mobile, AL, may take the following steps:

  • Seek evidence in the case showing the other boat operator caused the accident.
  • Study any law enforcement reports about the accident.
  • Determine whether law enforcement issued any tickets to the boat operator for reckless driving, DUI, etc.
  • Speak with your doctors to learn more about how the boat accident contributed to your injuries.

Over the years, our commitment to our clients has resulted in dozens of six-figure-plus awards. While each case is different, we will work as hard for you as possible in pursuit of appropriate compensation for your physical and emotional injuries.

We know the importance of preparation in proving negligence in personal injury cases. Whether we are speaking to the insurance company for the first time, performing high-level negotiations, or representing you in court, we prepare extensively for every step.

Awards That We Try To Win for You

The amount you could win in your boating accident injury case depends on the severity of your injuries. Victims with extremely high medical bills facing months or years of ongoing care may be well within their rights to seek a higher level of compensation than someone who recovers quickly.

We focus on several criteria when determining the fairest amount to request in your boating accident injury award, including the following:

  • Emergency care medical costs
  • Ongoing medical costs
  • An estimation of future medical costs
  • Lost wages you would otherwise have earned if not for the injury
  • An estimation of future wages you cannot earn
  • An award for pain and suffering
  • An award for emotional trauma 
  • An award for any reduction in your quality of life
  • An award for any disfiguring injuries you suffered

When you suffer injuries in a boating accident, you could be dealing with the consequences for a long time. Some people never recover fully from these types of injuries.

Our boating accident lawyers in Mobile, AL, may speak with your doctors to gain an expert opinion on how your injuries will affect your life going forward. This evidence can be important for convincing the insurer to offer you a fair award. Insurance companies may try to increase profits by paying less to victims, which is why we are prepared to meet their tactics head-on.

Call Us Today To Learn What We Can Do for You

We know the stress you may be experiencing after an injury. In our decades of practice, we’ve helped victims of boating accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, and more seek restitution for their injuries. Trying to recover your health and missing work are challenging enough. Having to work through the legalities of seeking a financial settlement on top of all that is not a burden anyone should have to bear alone.

When you hire a boating accident lawyer in Mobile, AL, from our team, we aim to remove as much stress from your plate as possible. We work hard to keep your case moving forward. Meanwhile, we make all major decisions together on how to proceed. 

Call Jackson & Foster Law today at 251-433-6699 for a free case evaluation. We are ready to begin working on your case today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are boat accidents rare?

Although boating accidents are rarer than car accidents, more than 5,000 such accidents occur annually in the United States, often resulting in injuries.

Is alcohol consumption a common cause of boat accidents?

Yes, alcohol consumption is a common cause of boat accidents, potentially playing a role in about 40% of these accidents. If you suffered injuries because a boat operator was drinking alcohol and made an error, you have a right to file an injury claim.

What is the biggest cause of boat collisions?

The biggest cause of boat collisions is an inattentive operator. If the boater who hit you and left you with injuries was not paying attention, an experienced boating accident lawyer in Mobile, AL, can use this information to try to show negligence.

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