Mobile Car Accident Statistics

Did you know that Alabama is among the states with the highest number of fatal crashes? According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), Alabama has a higher death rate per capita due to car accidents than 43 other states.

What else should you know before getting behind the wheel in Mobile?

This article highlights important Mobile, AL car accident statistics.

Why You Should Know Mobile Car Accident Statistics

Having some context about car accident figures in Mobile, AL, can potentially prevent future accidents and make every driver and passenger more aware of road safety.

At the heart of being informed is a push to increase public awareness with the hopes of identifying high-risk areas and prompting law enforcement to take action. For example, Drive Safe Alabama reported in 2021 that there were 125 pedestrian fatalities in the state.

Reporting this figure can help improve safety in the following ways:

  • Drivers should be on the lookout for pedestrians and respect their right of way
  • Parents teaching new drivers could emphasize the importance of being aware of crosswalks and obeying right-of-way laws.
  • Law enforcement may decide to strictly enforce jaywalking, while also ticketing vehicles who do not stop at crosswalks when a pedestrian is crossing.
  • Municipalities may want to consider adding more crosswalks, sidewalks, or adding other safety measures.

It can also be helpful to know which roads and intersections are most dangerous in an area. While you might not be able to avoid these areas altogether, if you’re aware of the added risk, you can take extra precautionary safety measures.

For example, you can carefully check before making a turn, confirm everyone has their seatbelt on, and keep your phone out of reach. These defensive driving techniques can prevent an accident and potentially even save multiple lives.

The NHTSA tracks locations with the highest number of fatalities. In Mobile, the most dangerous road to be on is Government St.

Mobile, AL Car Accident Stats

The following statistics will give you a general idea of what to expect as a driver in Mobile, AL, and throughout the state.

  • 90% of Alabama drivers will be in a car accident at some point during their lives
  • A traffic collision occurs every 3 minutes and 27 seconds in Alabama
  • More crashes occur on Friday than any other day of the week
  • Most car crashes occur within 25 miles of home
  • One in three drivers in Alabama is expected to be involved in an injury crash or a fatal crash in their lifetimes

Distracted Driving Statistics

People tend to drive on autopilot, especially when they traverse the same routes each day, or they’ve been driving for years (or decades).

Whether you’re brand-new to the road or you’ve been behind the wheel before Alabama passed the seatbelt law, paying attention to the road in front of you and avoiding distracted driving is one of the best ways to avoid an accident.

Here are some eye-opening stats from Drive Safe Alabama about Mobile, AL, texting and driving accidents:

  • Drivers who text are 23 times more likely to get into an accident
  • There were 49 Alabama fatalities in 2021 attributed to distracted driving
  • Pedestrians are more likely to be hit when they are distracted by their phones

To put it another way, the NHTSA compares texting and driving with driving the length of a football field (100 yards) with your eyes closed. The behavior has also been compared to chugging four beers in an hour and then getting behind the wheel.

To be clear, texting and driving isn’t the only form of distracted driving that is dangerous. Other forms of distracted driving include:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Eating or drinking
  • Adjusting radio dials or on-screen controls
  • Checking a GPS or looking at directions
  • Interacting with other passengers (including kids)
  • Applying make-up or other types of grooming

All of the above activities can result in taking your eyes off the road, which serves to lengthen your reaction time. As a result, it’ll take longer to respond to sudden movements or obstacles in the roadway. Even a split-second delay can result in a serious crash.

If the above information sounds like common sense, it is. According to recent AAA surveys, 96% of people know that texting and driving is dangerous, but 68% of drivers admit to doing it anyway.

Trending Car Accident Statistics

As people become more aware of the dangers of unsafe and distracted driving, one would hope that statistics would begin to improve. However, the opposite has been true during the period between 2010 and 2019.

Here are some highlights reported by the Alabama Department of Transportation:

  • The number of crashes is up 23.91%
  • Fatalities are up 7.89%
  • Injuries are up 21.10%

While there are more new drivers on the road, the number of novice driver and new vehicle registrations is not commensurate with these statistics. For example, the number of licensed drivers has increased by 6.38%, and new vehicle registrations have gone up by 13.72% in the same period.

The increase in car accidents is considered a nationwide phenomenon, and trend has continued from 2020 to the present. The theory is that drivers are more willing to engage in risky behavior like speeding, driving under the influence, and eschewing seatbelts.

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Ready for another statistic? According to the Insurance Research Council, car accident victims with legal representation received settlements 3.5 times higher than those who dealt directly with the insurance companies.

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